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Elements of Design

Restrictions on Gun Ownership Since all these recent tragedies of violence involving guns it’s of no coincidence that gun control is the hot topic across the country. Are there legitimate gun restrictions on ownership across the nation? The answer is yes, but some states and cities have different or more restrictive gun laws then other cities, and states. I will discuss the current gun restrictions being discussed in Congress and why going after the second amendment only hurts the law abiding citizen and not the criminals wielding the illegal guns. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right by the second amendment and is constantly being challenged by ignorant politicians, and uneducated people. The second amendment was written nearly three hundred years ago yet and can help prevent atrocities and protect its citizens today. The part of the country with the strictest gun laws has the highest crime rates. Places like New York City, and Chicago have the strictest gun laws, the worst crimes, and the state of New York recently passed even stricter gun laws only hurting the gun owning law abiding citizen. Such as taxing every gun he/she owns, reducing magazines to only 7 rounds, and limits on how many weapons you can own. States such as Texas where you’re not required to be licensed to openly carry a gun or have it at home, and has one of the lowest crimes rates even after being one of the largest states in the USA. Gun advocates such Senator Feinstein have been trying to ban weapons altogether especially going after weapons such as rifles which she considers assault weapons. The civilian version of an M-4 weapon which is fully automatic capable is an AR-15 which is only a single fired semi automatic rifle. Federal gun law states fully automatic rifles are not allowed to be built for the civilian population. Civilian AR-15’s by definition are not assault rifles and Senators Feinsteins use of that word is wrong. This shows how uneducated these people are in gun regulations and in guns itself. Banning and guns and making stricter rules on guns do not solve the problems going on in today’s society. The debate on making a background checks on all guns being sold everywhere even at gun shows is an obvious common sense law that all should agree on. Common sense laws that close loop holes for criminals to get their hands on weapons also are for the better. Common sense laws in improving gun control is required, but states such as NY and NJ making it next to impossible, and expensive to get a law abiding citizen to own a gun is ridiculous. A wait time of six months is horrendous in NJ and NY just to get a permit to purchase. Gun restrictions are ok to a point and are a must. Federal regulation states that anyone with a felony conviction loses their privilege to own a firearm. This regulation has a very adverse affect on those that carry a firearm as there lively hood. Police officers, or any kind of law enforcement, military personal all lose their jobs if convicted of a felony as there are now barred of carrying a weapon. Should there be stricter background checks? Yes there should be. Politicians should not be banning weapons they have no knowledge about nor can choosing what kind of weapons people choose to buy. Criminals will always