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Entrepreneur opportunity.

Elena Blishchenko

Central Piedmont Community College

It takes time to know your strengths and weaknesses and going through tough times we are testing ourselves and we see better our strong and weak sides.
Passion, commitment, self-management would be my strengths. I am very passion about what I am doing if I like what I do. I am an optimistic person and when something goes not as I planned I know that everything what happens happened for a reason.
My weakness is that I am taking a lot of things close to my heart, I am too sensitive and I am not fast at making decisions. Before we opened a business I thought I am an emotionally strong person, but after a couple of conflict situations with customers I found myself crying. Once, a customer started to yell at me that I am lying about the material of my product. I tried to solve the problem, but he did not want to listen and walked away angry. After that I cried couple of hours and it was hard to go back and sell. My husband told me that I am taking things too personal and sometimes I just have to act like nothing happened and move on.
Opening a business is already means a lot to me. Even if it is not going to exist for a long time it is a big achievement for me. Personal satisfaction and fulfillments are probably would be the best motivations for me. Do what I love and at the same time making the world better, bring good changes in some people lives would make me feel satisfied at what I do. “The more things you do for the right reasons, the more positive results you will see”, Gary Deaton says. Independence probably would take third place on entrepreneurial motivation scale. Making own decisions, choose the work you do, when you do, how you do and do not depend on anyone is a great motivation for me to become an entrepreneur.

To be personally fulfilled and satisfied as well as to be independent we have to work hard. Sacrifice personal time and