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Elena is a kid whose intelligence and talents are buried in the fog of her ADHD. She finds it nearly impossible to escape the sticky web of sights, sounds, and content of the electronic universe that surrounds her. They have a gravitational pull on her, like magnets carrying her away from activities that are, in contrast, boring and dull. Elena is competent, and she cares about what her parents and others think of him. She sees no way out of the dilemma that is her distractibility. She deals with it by lying; lying hides the problem, puts the shame at bay, and helps her maintain her image of the “good kid.” The result? She’s using up her psychological energy to save face—energy that could be better spent doing the tasks that challenge her.
Elena can improve and be helped so he could pay more attention to her education. Getting a better handle on time management can help this thoughtful young girl be more upfront with her parents. Parents should take part in her plan, too, so they can share in her accomplishment. In order for Elena to make better use of her time, her parents could encourage her to create a “no-screen zone,” or a space where she totally shuts down her electronic universe for one or two hours a night—preferably a computer-free room. This is similar to the advice anyone would give to someone who finds it hard to resist drugs or alcohol—don’t hang out with users or dealers, and just say no to keg parties! Elena might not be addicted to technology, but she’s