Jacy Lovelace Short Story

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Jacy Lovelace
Short Story He woke in the dead of night, in mid-November, hearing a faint noise coming from down the hallway. Jason got out of bed and crept to the door and put his ear to the door. He stood there for a few minutes and finally heard two voices he did not recognize. He wondered where his parents were and why they had not already gotten up. He hurried back over to his bed to grab his cell phone and call 9-1-1; he whispered through the conversation and hung up with the police on the way. He went back over to the door to make sure whoever was in his house was still there. Not 5 minutes later he heard the police pull up in the front of his house and yell through the door. He could hear whoever was down stairs scrambling to escape from the house before they were caught. Jason ran over to the one window in his bedroom that overlooked the back yard and saw the two sprint out across the lawn and go through the back gate. Jason ran down stairs; still has yet to hear from his parents and caught the police coming up the stairs. He was pounded with questions and then told to go down stairs and wait with the police out front of his house until they had finished the search of the house. Jason was pacing in front the three police cars when the last few officers walked out of his house. The look on their faces confirmed that something was not right. One of the officers pulled Jason aside and told him about the gruesome scene in his parents’ room, both his mother and father had been cut across their throat and left to die. Jason could not believe what he had heard and pushed past the officer and ran into the house, up the stairs and into his parents room where he saw what he had been told was true. A week or two had