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Have you ever been sitting on the couch relaxing and someone knocks on the door? You get up and answer it just to find out it was a pesky sales person, or have you ever been somewhere in the house when someone knocked and you didn’t hear it? Maybe, you just missed your best friend who came into town surprisingly or a book you have been waiting to be delivered.
Now there is a way to make your life easier. DoorBot is a wireless video doorbell that links through your home network to your phone or tablet. On the device, there is a video camera, microphone and a doorbell. When you push the doorbell it rings the application on your phone or tablet, instead of inside your house. So whether you are outside, downstairs or not even home, you can instantly see who is there. Doorbot also gives you the ability to speak to the visitor through the application, so even if you are not home, you wouldn’t have to miss the package being delivered or you could talk to you friend, or completely ignore the pesky sales person. The camera also gives you a clear picture in the dark using infrared technology.
DoorBot will be profitable because in today’s society everybody want to know everything. We are on Facebook constantly seeing what everyone else is doing and telling everyone else what we are doing. People like things done fast without waiting, and DoorBot is giving us this opportunity. It is giving us the opportunity to receive things we would have missed or disregard things that are not