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Cemitas Puebla Sergio Mansilla DeVry University

This week I went with my family for dinner and a group of friends came with us also to go eat at this famous restaurant called “Cemitas Puebla”. Cemitas Puebla is a Mexican restaurant located within at half a block down from North Avenue and Monticello Avenue in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. We were a group of nine people with a 7:00pm reservation. From my first impressions, I decided to evaluate Cemitas Puebla based upon their service, food, and atmosphere. From the beginning, the service was really friendly and helpful. Promptly upon the arrival, we were greeted by a warm smile from the owner of the restaurant who directed the group to a big table that was waiting for us. In the meanwhile we were waiting for my friends to come, we ordered some appetizers and something drink while waiting for them. I was impressed with how the kind the waiter was and could not wait to experience their service. The waiter approached our table with the drink list and the menus: she clearly stated the specials and highlighted some of their most popular dishes they had as well the specials of the day. Quickly after serving our drinks, the counterwomen took the order. She was so highly polite and attentive. Besides making her recommendations, he also made it easy for everyone to make permutation or any special requirements for their food. In general the service was really good; we didn’t have any issues from the beginning to the end and with the exception of timing of replacing the flatware, overall it was a good, solid work.

After we were sitting at our table, reading menu we start to order several dishes that looks very interesting from the menu; hence, we ordered several appetizers to share. The Chupas were absolutely delicious and yummy. Wasn’t too salty, and there was the five corn tortillas doused in salsa verde and salsa roja topped with onions and aged cheese in the Chupas. Then component was also generous. We also ordered the Cemita (Atomica). The atomica cemita were sesame seed bread layered with avocado, choice of meat like breaded butterfly pork chop, marinated pieces of pork and onions and there are more different kind of meat to choice it had adobo chipotle peppers, fresh Oaxaca cheese and seasonal perfectly the Cemitas came to our table. For the main course, I ordered tacos al pastor they were very delicious and very tastes it was very hot and juicy to eat. We want to order desserts; they had flan, cheesecake, and pastel Del tres leches, so we all order Flan for everybody it was sweet and tasty. In spite of the fact that the