Elie Wiesel: A Literary Analysis

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Throughout the course of human events, there have been many cases of violent regimes, oppression, and genocide. Unfortunately, as a species we have yet seen the fault in our ways and continue to spread hate and malevolence. Although progression has been made towards peace, there are countless cases of genocide and oppression in the past one hundred years alone. The most infamous of these violent regimes is the Nazi Party. From 1939 to 1945, they systematically slaughtered non-aryan populations throughout Europe. This systematic killing was later labeled The Holocaust and resulted in 6 million Jewish deaths on top of millions of other lives that were taken. In hopes of progression, this failure of moral compass has been placed in the spotlight of educators everywhere in hopes that learning about The Holocaust will prevent history from repeating itself. A major debate is how this information should be presented; many people believe that literature, such as Night by Elie …show more content…
The major scrutiny behind movies is that they twist the facts for the plot and do not show the true brutality behind horrors like The Holocaust. Although this may be true, movies also engage the students of today more than books and help to visualize the victims as real people, not just names on a page. These two important factors with teaching thorough movies outweigh the issues of integrity.Ultimately, movies reach into the heart of modern students more than books do which is why they are the best form of media to teach with. Throughout the world, where it is appropriate, the teaching of The Holocaust should be transferred from a primarily literary based subject to a movie based subject. This will captivate the new generations better in hopes of a peaceful