Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Elie Wiesel Response
Elie Wiesel states that wherever human life or human dignity is jeopardized that place at that exact moment should become the center of the universe. I think this doesn't stray far from the truth. No one should ever be allowed to choose someone’s fate based on their race, religion, or political views and we as the people of this nation should value that and give it the attention it deserves.
During the dark ages of The Holocaust, millions of lives were executed because of their religious believes. Amongst that crowd of bystanders with feet to kick and hands to fight with, there laid plenty of people who would have disagreed with the popular believe that Jews needed to come to an end. One of the easiest ways for one to lose
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Personal political views aside, it is an on curing statement that Donald Trump hates Mexicans. He has not made it easier for himself by responding to these comments, and going with the idea of building a wall to keep them out. This should, and rightfully so, has become the center of our own small universe between the borders of Mexico and the United States. He states he doesn't have anything against Mexicans themselves just the hardships the communities there could bring. Whether he's right or wrong on his decisions, he is putting aside the thousands of families scattered across the country who reside in America and are Mexican or have been torn apart for reasons as such. Although the “logical” decision to take in these situations is to just kick out the ones that don't belong here, it's difficult to not stop and wonder why. Our country and world is run by order and by right and wrongs but like Socrates said in The Apology, how are we to ever know what is really the truth? How do we know there's a right and a wrong with these things? When people are being discriminated just for their race or culture and we let it happen for the sake of a physical barrier and forcing them to go through horrendous hardships there is definitely something wrong. When we let politics be the center of a universe rather than human emotion we’re giving ourselves the reason to stop questioning our decisions. When we stop