Essay on Elie Wiesel and Wallace Mrs. Tyree

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Justin Wallace

Mrs. Tyree

9th grade lit. /comp

September 28. 2009
The poem “Freedom” means to me that you will not have freedom by doing nothing. Freedom will not just come to you as a gift. You have to go out and work and stride for your freedom. Don’t just sit there and keep waiting saying that everything is going to get better. Try to see what you can do to get that freedom that you so dearly need. To me freedom is just about a must. Your life is basically not yours if your life isn’t liberated. When is says, “Freedom will not come today, this year, nor ever through compromise and fear, that means to me that you have to speak out and do actions toward protesting for that freedom. If you’re just sitting there, doing anything to help, your freedom will never be present. When the author also states that he the same right as the other fellow has to stand of his own two feet and own the land, simply means to me that he has the same right to do every civilian-like right that the other has. The statement, “life is not fair” is true in some cases, but not in one such as this. No human can be better than the other. No matter if you’re comparing Bill
Gates and just a regular peasant. Deep down, they are both the same and still should have the same rights because we are all similar but unique in our own way. The poem “Freedom” relates to the Holocaust and the book Night by Elie Wiesel because the Holocaust and Night both have to do with innocent people’s freedom being