Elie Wiesel Inhumanity In Night

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In the memoir Night, the narrator Elie Wiesel recounts a moment when he witnessed children being burned and killed in the crematorium. “A truck drew close and unloaded itś hold small children. Babies yes I did see this with my own eyes children thrown into the flames"(Wiesel.32).This shows how terribly the Jewish people were treated no matter who they are it did not matter who the person once were either way you’re going to die in the concentration camp or live another day. As the author describes his experiences many other examples of inhumanity are later revealed as horrifying as the last such as people purposely ignoring the inhumanity that was among Jewish people. One theme in the inhumanity can cause the loss of companionship. there are countless times people Forget the inhumanity around them, but those who suffered remember their naive ways very clearly. This is shown among the German citizens. …show more content…
This is an example of the horrors that took place in Auschwitz and Birkenau. However the thought that the narrator/author would be use to knowing that thousands of people were dying on a daily basis as if it’s nothing. There are no words to explain how horrendous that is.
These are only a few quotes that are found in the passages of Night that stood out the most. These quotes show the lack of companionship that the Jewish people and others had for them during the author/narrator time throughout the holocaust. Another theme in Night is that inhumanity causes some loved ones to become closer to each other while others do just the opposite.
For most that statement can be either way for example, during the transporting to