Elie Wiesel: The Horror Of The Holocaust

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The Shoah, or the Holocaust, was a time from 1933-1945, in which millions of people were murdered. The untrustworthy leader at this time was Adolf Hitler. Hitler had the ideology that Jews, Gays, Disables, and Gypsies were tainted people; he wanted to purify the world. In order to accomplish this a mass genocide was attempted. This genocide was not only an appaling even, but also extremely tortuous. The horrors that occurred in the Holocaust did not exempt children, one of those kids was Elie Wiesel. In 1942, at the age of 13, Elie was sent to a concentration camp. Camps at this times were quite strenuous on the mental and physical state of the body. However because he was raised extremely religious, he turned to it, it became his rock. Elie,