Elie Wiesel's Family During The Holocaust

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If you know what the Holocaust was then good for you. If not then here is a summary paragraph. The Holocaust was basically a time in Europe when discrimination was high and and people who did not follow discrimination was low or the number of them. What happened was after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany by gaining followers due to his famous speeches. Then the people voted for him to become the leader of Germany. After he came into power he took control of everything and he promised the citizens of Germany change and boy did he bring change for Germany. By as you probably know trying to exterminate all Jews,partial Jews,Gays,blacks,everybody that did not like him, and gypsies (the final solution )
Who was Elie Wiesel
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The concentration camp had very poor feeding conditions, the toilets were buckets,Nazis feed the Jews just enough to survive,and had to use rusty silverware. The Jews were constantly beaten sometimes to death and they weren't even given the dignity of names only numbers that were tattooed into their arms(Elie Wiesel speaking out against genocide).That was what happened to the Wiesel family during the Holocaust.

After the Holocaust
Right before Auschwitz was liberated by U.S. forces only Elie and his older sisters escaped. his younger sister and mother were gassed and his father was beaten to death right in front of him by Nazi soldiers. Then he became a world famous writer when he grew up and wrote his first bestseller “night”. Then he won a Nobel peace prize for his book. Then he died on July 6,2016 (cnn.com).
So in the end Elie achieved what only we could dream of doing so that is why I picked Elie Wiesel as my subject.the reason his perspective made it more meaningful is by. Seeing the horror he went