Elie Wiesel's Journey

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Night is a recollection of Elie Wiesel’s journey through Auschwitz. He, as a person changed in response to Auschwitz, as well as in order to survive. These changes in Elie are shown emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Before the majority of the Jewish population of Transylvania, where Elie grew up, was deported, the foreign Jews were taken. The most important to Elie being Moishe the Beadle. Moishe was taken on a trek with other foreigners, who were made dig graves and then shot in those graves. Moishe, however, was lucky. He was accidently shot in the leg, and made out to be dead. When the others continued on he made his way back to the small town, and warned the other Jews. When he told Elie of the horrors Elie did not believe him, and merely pitied him (Wiesel 7). This shows that Elie has been
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In the beginning Elie has an extremely loving relationship with god. He wants to study Kabbalah, however his father believes he is to young. He goes out and seeks a tutor for himself. He finds Moishe, who agrees to tutor him. While speaking Moishe asks, “Why do you pray?” (Wiesel 4). Elie is perplexed, and wonders what he means, asking himself “Why did [he] live, why did [he] breathe?” (Wiesel 4). This shows that Elie believes god is as much of a necessity as the necessities. Even the night before Elie and his remaining community members were about to be herded away he still woke up early so he could pray before leaving (Wiesel 18). This shows that he still believed in god even before he began his descent to hell. After having endured innumerable months in Auschwitz Elie is witness to the hanging of a child. The child was to light, and had to endure nearly a half an hour of pain before dying. In response to the length of time it took for the child to die a man asked where God was (Wiesel 65). Elie then answered in his head that God was with them, hanging right in front of