Elie Wiesel's Night Analysis

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The memoir “Night” by Elie Wiesel is a disturbing glimpse into world war two. A time when the Jewish people were taken from their homes and put into concentration camps where they were either put to work or death. This novel is about a young boy and his father who were imprisoned in the camps. It is a recollection of events that happened to young Wiesel while he and his fellow Jewish people were under German rule. We will take a look into how his memoir is truly effective to the reader, discuss why the power of one voice has a greater impact on the reader than a listing of statistics, and last but not least discuss the impact of reading about individuals surviving with next to nothing.

This novel leaves
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The extremes a person will live through for nourishment is unthinkable. “Then, for no apparent reason he let out a terrible scream, a death rattle such as I had never heard before, and with mouth wide open, thrust his head toward the still steaming liquid. We jumped at the sound of a shot. Falling to the ground his face still stained by the soup, the man writhed a few seconds at the base of the cauldron, and then he was still.”(p,59-60) It makes you wonder how many people died trying to feed themselves. It also really dulls a person’s mind to go without the proper amount of food and water on a regular basis and be forced to work every day in those conditions. It has a deep emotional impact on the reader to find out what the Jewish people went through. I imagine every single person that has a chance to read this novel will be thankful to not have to suffer like young Wiesel and his people.

In conclusion this terrible event just happened to the world eventually. We must learn from this catastrophe so that we prevent it from ever happening to anyone else ever again. This novel does a remarkable job when it comes to being effective to the reader. The power of one voice will always be greater than any statistics because you just don’t get the full picture with stats. It’s also tough on the senses to read about people surviving with next to nothing.