Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel once mentioned, “To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice.”, yet the Nazis slaughtered six million innocent individuals during the Holocaust. The authentic recollection, Night, impulsively portrays the countless pains, sufferings, and intimidating contortions Elie and various others went through during the Holocaust. In synopsis, the memoir, Night, carefully expresses the distinct events Elie Wiesel vividly and sentimentally experienced throughout the timeline of the Holocaust. After writing Night and several other literature pieces, Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize (in 1986), in fact, he also has received numerous honors globally. In the written memoir, the main character, Elie, was affected by the events in the
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For instance, Elie experienced a sentimental shift during the beating of his father, “At first, my father simply doubled over under two blows… I kept silent… That was what life at the concentration camp had made of me… “ (page 54). Additionally, as mentioned later in the book, another contradictory emotional change occurs, “He (Juliek) was playing a fragment of a Beethoven concerto… The dark enveloped us… He (Juliek) was playing his life… I shall never forget Juliek.. Bidding farewell to an audience of dying men.” (page 95). Furthermore, it can be presumed that, the beating of Elie’s father in page 54, contributed to a rather pessimistic tone in Elie’s attitude. On the contrary, the excerpt from page 95, observes a slightly poignant, or touching emphasis in Elie’s tone. Also, the relevancy of the emotional shifts were ultimately invested beyond the context itself. All in all, the subjective network between the emotional shifts and Elie’s tone in the book, is dynamically …show more content…
Specifically, these cases can be visible during a build up in the plot; the outline of it all is what contributed to the intensity of how Elie was changed. Not to mention, from the evidence given continuously throughout the timeline of the book, it’s upright to disclose that, the openness of it all, was a figurative and sentimental feature that reinforced the credibility of it all. This goes to show, life on planet Earth should never be taken for granted, besides only time will tell when the bondage of destruction is at