Elie Wiesel's Quote Analysis

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In my personal belief, humans should not be persecuted for their religion, race, sexuality, etc., and that they should be the center of the universe. People who are endangered because of who they are should be the center of the universe, for they are human lives that are being violated from their basic human rights. Elie Wiesel makes a strong point in his quote by bringing the injustice that some people go through for being who they are and bringing it to light, so that people take knowledge of it. As a young person, still learning from what the world is offering, I agree with Elie Wiesel’s quote that he gave while accepting his Nobel Peace Prize. In the quote, Wiesel states that national borders become irreverent when major events like the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazi’s during the 1930’s-1940’s; i personally agree to what he said and it is evidence to use for this statement when major events such as genocide happen. Germany went through most of Europe with the idea of cleansing the white race, Adolf Hitler …show more content…
Not many people payed attention to what was happening until video evidence of a child in Aleppo and human lives being in jeopardy surfaced online by a report made by the popular news network CNN. Many people around the world were angry at the fact that no one was doing anything to stop the millions of Syrians dying every week and put their focus on trying to help the innocent to get out and to be refugees to many countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt have accepted thousands of Syrians who suffered from the war that is still currently going on. Although I do not agree that we should let in people who have gone through war to come into our country, I still do think that people in those situations deserve to have basic human rights and that they should be taken in by other countries who don't have any type of suspicion towards people from the middle