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Elijah O
Mrs. Richards
25 February 2015

Experiences are truly dependent on Race
Race is a social construct that groups people on the basis of common ancestry and characteristics such as color of skin, hair texture, and/or the shape of eyes and other facial features. Race is something that definitely plays quite an important role in our experiences during the courses of our lives.

There have been quite a couple positive experiences and quite a couple negative experiences because of my race, but first I’d like to begin with the positive experience. I’d say in gym class back in grade eight we would have a circuit like culminating type activity which each team member would perform specific roles for different activities. During these activities I was selected for most of the roles and thus given a higher grade then the rest of the students but this was because I was of the black race and my classmates assumed I possessed super human like athleticism in the form of jumping and running. I didn’t exactly agree with this statement because I know an immense amount of people from my race who definitely do not posses any of those athletic skills that I explained above, but I did not let this bother me and I used that in a positive way because in the end it really benefited me. This situation reminds exactly of an episode of “Everybody hates Chris” where in the episode the main character a black student is forced onto the basketball team because of his skin color and the fact that the coach witnessed him making a shot into the dumpster, for him this outcome was negative because he was a horrible basketball player and for that he was tormented and discredited for being “truly black”. This truly angered me and I’d say this was the most painful experience because is my race only represented by these stereotypes in which most of them are negative? This made me come to a realization that I had the answer to the question and that the answer was yes, and it’s defiantly bothered me all of my life growing up having to overcome these stereotypes and to prove that I’m not only what those stereotypes state that I am. I overcame this issue growing up by realizing that these people who have made themselves the rulers and the ultimate decision makers of society are truly not in