elimination of humans Essay

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If I could eliminate anything from the world I would eliminate humans, my reasons are because humans are unreasonable and foolish, we know only of destruction and greed, destroying the environment, causing pain towards each other and are uncontrollable.
Humans are incredibly unreasonable and have irrational conflicts. They inflict pain towards each other physically, psychologically and verbally over incompetent things such as ones cultural background, fight for power and disagreements. Many humans are very narrow-minded and care only about themselves and their own opinion. Some won’t even try to understand each other. Like Adolf Hitler, He was a very judgemental person about the appearance of people and their religion. He hated the Jews because he believed they were the reason for Germany’s downfall before the Second World War and because most people in the war were Jewish he instantly assumed it was them since he had no one else to blame. In his eyes he only saw people who had blonde hair and blue eyes perfect. He wanted to kill off anyone who didn’t have these features. This is an example to shows how cruel humans can be about what they believe and how much they want power. Humans are unable to control our repulsive emotions, for example reprisal and greed. It is our natural instinct to want to fight back when we have been hit or called something awful. There are many who are greedy and want everything to themselves like wealth and fame. This drives people to insanity and they would do absolutely anything to get what they want. In my opinion I think we are not really civilized because even if we have laws and rules they are still broken and humans will still do barbaric things like murder, assault and abuse.
Us ignorant beings are the cause of ecological issues like the hole in the ozone layer and the icebergs melting. This is the…