Elise Winters-Artist Essay

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* Elise winters is an American artist from New York. Winters specialises in creating contemporary jewellery and sculptures with polymer clay. Polymer clay is a very unique medium that feels like clay while sets to be like plastic or resin. Winters says that the reason she likes to work with this material so much is that it’s so malleable and she can easily create the organic shapes she wants by pulling, twisting and tangling the clay. Just like the ‘dinosaur designs’, Elise winters is greatly inspired by nature and the world around her. ‘If you look at one of my brooches and find yourself thinking about budding plants or reflections off a rippling stream, then I have done my job. As you handle my earrings, if you're suddenly musing about succulent fruit, then you've realized my intent.’ Apart from nature inspiring this artists, winter is also inspired and pays close attention to colour and light in her work, as well as the uniqueness of Japanese design and its subtlety.

* Elise winters makes the same kind of jewellery as the dinosaur designs, specialising in bangles, necklaces, broaches and rings, all of which have a smooth finish to them and look very organic. The colours used by the two designers are also very similar, using a combination of both bright and neutral colours that reflect their influences.

* Just as the dinosaur design group has been very successful in the design world as has reached the top for their market, so has Elise winters. Winters’ works have been written about in many books and displayed in public museums and