Elisha Character Analysis

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In these verses, there is drama taking place and there are two groups of characters. Main and minor characters.
The main character is not recognized. She is nameless girl who was kidnapped when the Syrians raided Israel. She becomes a servant of yet another nameless woman- the wife of Naaman, who was powerful Captain of a Syrian Army.
Naaman was described as a mighty man of valour, he was second in command in Syria. He was an adult, male, powerful, rich, privileged, free…..
The girl, in contrast was young, female, powerless, marginalized, enslaved, voiceless and was an orphan.
Naaman apart from being a mighty man, he was also beautiful. His name which comes from a Hebrew verb “naem” means to be pleasant, or delightful or lovely. His physical appearance once lived up to his name but however by the time he is introduced in the Bible, he was
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Women, have a very big role to play in training up our children- like Moses’/Mirriam’s mother---taught love, secrecy, courage and God’s truth.
This now turned into an outside mission,,,
This nameless girl had strong faith in her God and the God of Elisha as such she suggested that her master consult with Elisha, for the girl believed Elisha “could heal Naaman on his leprosy,” even though 2 Kings 5 overlooks an important and relevant fact: Elisha had never healed anyone of leprosy up to that point. Jesus said this many years later in Luke 4:27:
She was not taken there to cry, she was taken there to witness. Does God prevent His people from suffering? Not always. But God is always with His children in their affliction.
Has God allowed you to be placed in a bad environment? Perhaps a bad neighbor lives next door, or you struggle with a quarrelsome roommate, or maybe you are forced to associate with an unbearable person at work. Whatever your situation, remember this little nameless girl is your example. She became a blessing to her hateful