Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Impact On Society

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton is considered a key figure in shaping the future of women's rights. By taking a stance when no one else could; Stanton helped close some of the gaps between the rights of a male and a female in American society. Furthermore, Elizabeth Stanton was unlike the average American woman. Having a privileged upbringing and high intellect allowed Stanton to reveal ideas about the ideal rights of a woman. As a result of this advocacy, Stanton founded several organizations, co-authored the declaration of sediments planned the first women's right convention, help found the National Woman Suffrage Association and draft the 14th amendment. The contributions made by Elizabeth Stanton helped pave the road for future rights of an American …show more content…
The address by Elizabeth Stanton on women's rights was delivered after the First Women's Right Convention of 1848. Also, being delivered in September at Waterloo and on October 6 at Congressional friends at Farmington, Stanton was able to reach and inform society about unjust actions occurring around them. The speech was printed off and handed to legislative officials to review in New York. The Address is still being read across the United States today as an important piece of historical literature contributing to American …show more content…
Lately gender equality has taken over the news in a storm. Women are still the most underrepresented group in congress. Wage gaps exist and so does gender discrimination Nonetheless, women's rights are not what they were in the nineteenth century. Progress has been made and is still being made for future generations. Each year there are more and more women holding public offices and the numbers continue to grow. Women are starting to even run for president. A job those in the 1900s could only dream of. Furthermore, the norm of society has been changed. It now considered normal to have both figures in the household acquiring jobs and caring for the children/house.
Nonetheless, Americans are still working hard to achieve complete equality. This is done by lobbying and influencing the public. Much of which was derived from the nineteenth Century's way of achieving equality. Americans campaign, deliver speeches, and raise money all in efforts to receive policy to completely change society again.
Without the lasting effects of Stanton's speech who knows how far American Society would venture into the topic of gender equality. Elizabeth Cady Stanton's contributions to women's rights are the reason women today hold public/private offices, own businesses, have suffrage and are considered equal caretakers of the household. . Without Stanton's life effort to close the gender gap the present progress would have been delayed.