Elizabeth's Adventure Essay

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Exposition As Elizabeth finished her soggy cereal she went up to get dressed. She planned to wear a light grey shirt that would match her eyes and tight, red leggings to match her hair. She hoped it would impress people at school. Elizabeth was a short Caucasian seventeen-year-old girl. She lived in a small town in Mississippi named Byram that had a population of almost 10,000. She had always wanted to be popular, but she didn’t have any friends. Conflict There was another thing stopping her. Every first Tuesday of the month her dad, who had committed suicide, visited her. His spirit was evil and used her body to do terrible things. Things like murder, wrecking cars, or even setting someone’s house on fire. She had never been caught, but there had been some very close calls. She had been seen running away many times. Rising Action But this one Tuesday would be different. She planned to fight against her dad, but didn’t know how. As she arrived at school a strange looking boy approached her. He had fiery orange hair with blue tips that was in a massive mohawk. His clothes were torn and he smelled like he needed deodorant badly.

“Hello,” he said in a surprisingly cheerful voice. “Who are you,” replied Elizabeth. She was very suspicious of this boy, for he seemed like someone her mom wouldn’t like. “I’m Frederick,” he said,”I just moved here from Los Angeles. I wanted to say hi.” Elizabeth looked at him in disgust and shouted,” I don’t want to talk to you!” Everyone in the cafeteria looked at her and Elizabeth quickly covered her face with her jacket and sat down. She had tears in her eyes, for she knew she was the laughing stock of the school. She had never had friends even in preschool. Frederick sat down next to her and in a playful tone asked,” Are you sure?” She thought,”At least someone is talking to me.” She then looked at Frederick and said quietly,”No.” She looked into Frederick’s eyes and saw that he wanted to help. Elizabeth then asked herself,” I’ve never needed friends so why do I need them now?” She then looked away from Frederick, quickly got up, and started towards her first class of the day. As she walked away, she turned around and said to Frederick,” Thank you.” Frederick smiled and waved her goodbye. What Elizabeth didn’t know was that Frederick could be her salvation or her death. As the day continued, Elizabeth still thought of ways she could stop her dad, but nothing came to her. She bumped into Frederick again most to her displeasure.

As she walked past him he whispered,” I can help you with your dad and make you popular.” Elizabeth looked at him in shock and shoved him across the crowded hallway. She thought she was the only one who knew that her dad had committed suicide. Her mom simply thought he had left. She silently moved her hand across her neck indicating to him that if he told anyone she was going to kill him. He knew that she would ask for help, but it was all about timing. Elizabeth biked home and arrived at her small, one-story house that was about five miles away from her school. She knew that her mom wouldn’t be home for a while since her mom usually worked till about 8:30 PM. She walked into to the dining room, and much to her surprise there sat Frederick. He was better dressed than he had been at school. He was wearing a fashionable buttoned down collared shirt. Black slacks and dressy tennis shoes completed the look. “What are you doing in my house,” shouted ELizabeth. He said,” I can help you.” His eyes were full of empathy. Elizabeth replied in a quavering voice,” W-w-with w-what?” “Don’t act like you don’t know,” he replied with a smirk on his face. “My problems are my business,” Elizabeth was trying to sound confident,”And why do you want to help anyway?” “My mom gave me the same problems,” replied Frederick in a sad, melancholy voice. “ Apparently I wasn’t supposed to happen,” he gave an Elizabeth a look that could melt anyone’s heart,” My…