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Elizabethan Times
Teenage Troubles

Imagine, instead of waking up on your memory foam mattress in the middle of the night you wake up on lumpy straw mattress. You are so confused. What happened? Is this a dream? You then realize after an hour of long hard thinking, this is the time period you’re learning about in school. You have just woken up in Elizabethan Times. You freak out after you remember how much harder life was for teenagers back then, but then feel relieved you don’t have to take that common assessment in math and finish that paper for L.A. Then you feel overwhelmed. This can’t be happening today is going to be the hardest day of your life. There will probably be little to no time to relax, with all of the chores to do before you head off to your new apprentice’s house. You also realize that there are no equal rights and girls and boys don’t go to school with each other, and girls and boys aren’t treated the same as they are in the 21st Century. A modern teenager living in Elizabethan Times would probably find it nearly impossible to do without the conveniences of life they have become accustomed to, but might learn some valuable lessons from the experience.
One struggle that teens might have to overcome is to not disrespect the parents and other elders. Life then, all kids knew what would happen to them if they disrespected their parents. The teens knew there would be discipline. Although whipping was a last resort, discipline was strict. Today, the discipline wasn't as strict as it was in Elizabethan Times. If someone woke up in Elizabethan Times, and they wouldn't know and disrespected someone like the widespread disrespect used today,