Elizabethan Theatre Essay

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An really important event for many people in Englnad was the build oft he very first Elizabethan theatre. Unimaginable that before those times plays had been held in inn yards, halls of great homes and in other unthinkable places.
A typical Elizabethan playhouse had rounded forms an exeption was the Fortune which was angular. The architecture of those theatres was mostly consistent. The audience was placed on three sides oft he arena for example in the inn yard or the pit where the audience hadn’t any seats so they weren’t really expensive. Other than that they had the Multi-stored rangs with cushions for much wealthier people.
In the middle sat a large projecting stage which was less than 20 metres off from the pit. The Stage was divided in two areas the lower stage which was called hell and the upper stage which was called heaven.
Most oft the constructions in a theatre were made of wood exept the roof which was made of straw or wooden shingles.
Those playhouses had no toilets, no curtains and just a little scenery. The audience had to use their imagination through verbal srokes.
The plays had to begin really early in the afternoon because in 1580’s there was no artificial light.
The production which were written by for example William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe or Ben Jonson were segregated in White ones - the comedys and the Black ones - the tragedys.
The shows had to be changed constantly because they had to entertain their custumors with new shows which was really hard for the companys considering they had to learn up to 30 plays each about 5 hours long. The ost popular company was Lord Chamberlain’s Men. A company held about ten to twelve actors but no women. Young boys had to play the roles of expressive women like Cleopatra, Lady Macbeth and