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Think about a club, sport, or activity that you've enjoyed participating in. What would you say to persuade other students to join your club? Write a letter to your school newspaper urging students to participate in the club, sport, or activity that you believe would be enjoyable for them.
Upper Darby High School
Research and Writing Class
English Department
February 5, 2013
The Editor
Acorn Newspaper
Upper Darby High School
Upper Darby, PA 19062
ELL PEER TUTORSHIP As a student of Upper Darby High School, I suppose it is a responsibility to introduce the idea of being an ELL Peer Tutor to other students at Upper Darby. It is the most amazing experience I have ever had through my years in High school. The acronym ELL stands for English Language Learners. It is a course that entails tutoring as the name implies. There are a lot of international students in Upper Darby who speak limited or no English hence the need to teach them how to relate with other people in America considering the fact that the official language is English. The language department envisaged that it was probably easier for English to be taught by peers to these students from foreign countries and when they made it a reality, it turned out just as they expected and since then, the ELL peer tutorship became an elective course. To students who want to become teachers or college professors later in life, this is the perfect head start for your career choice. There is nothing better and more rewarding than having a deep-rooted knowledge about any future plan.What better way is there to have an ingrained knowledge about a career path besides experiencing it first hand? Think about the way you feel when you sign up for program without adequate knowledge about it. What happens when you begin that program? There is this extreme sense of disorientation in the beginning and then you come in contact with other aspects of the program that you didn’t know existed- it can be overwhelming. Do you really want to feel that way on your first internship or actual job? Taking this course will give you the experience that only you can describe. It will definitely help determine if you are making the right choice or not. Academically, this course is what I like to call a “booster”. It increases your grade point average because it is considered a five credit course. Tutors are not assigned tests or final examination, but lest I forget, you should know that the tutors assign tests and homeworks to the students. Don’t you think it’s exciting to assign homeworks to your peers? I think it is because it made me feel like an adult plus I felt in