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“Remember, we are not fighting for the freedom of the negro alone, but for the freedom of the human spirit a larger freedom that encompasses all mankind,” is quoted quoted by the civil activist Ella Baker. Ella Baker was known throughout history as an african­american civil rights and human rights activist. Ella Baker went through a lot in her childhood, adulthood, but she still accomplished a lot of things. In the end she was known as a great woman. As a child, Ella was born in Norfolk, Virginia on December 13,1903. Ella grew up in rural north Carolina. Baker was close to her grandmother, who was a former slave. Her grandmother told Baker many stories about her life, including a whipping she had received at the hands of her owner and refusal to marry the man decided for her. Ella’s mother gave birth to eight children, but only four lived to the point of Ella’s knowledge and only three had lived to adulthood . Her mother’s name was Georgiana Ross Baker, her father was Blake Boss. Even though she had childhood difficulties she was still bright. In her adulthood, Baker went to Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was then the class valedictorian when she graduated in 1967. Furthermore, after Baker completed her degree she moved north to New York City. She had worked a number of jobs while trying to make ends meet. Baker helped start the Young Negroes Cooperative League, which had allowed it’s members to pool their funds to get better deals on goods and services. Baker had then married her college sweetheart T.j. Roberts, but then they divorced in 1958 because of work. Ella hadn’t married again so she had no kids. Even though there’s only this much listed Ella had made a lot of accomplishments as an adult even though there was struggles. As you can see Ella is known for a lot of accomplishments. In 1940, Baker began working for the NAACP(National Association for the advancement of colored people) as a secretary. By
1943, she had risen to become director of branches, making her the organization’s highest ranked woman. Also when the SCLC organization became official, Baker was the first staff member hired, working as a community organizer. Therefore, through SNCC(
Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee
Baker mentored many of the young people who formed a new generation of civil rights leaders among them Rosa Parks, Stokely Carmichael, Julian Bond,
Diane Nash and Bob Moses. In conclusion Ella Baker had went through hardships in her childhood and adulthood but she still accomplished a lot of things. Baker had went through living as a child whose parents had had difficulties with children and how she had to endure, also going through adulthood and still staying strong and loyal to her belief of blacks having freedom. Because of her loyalty and dedications Ella had accomplished a lot throughout her lifetime. Overall, Ella Baker was a great woman who had help the blacks through a lot so they could have freedom and also become great leaders. Sadly Ella had died on her 83th birthday but I believe she died as proud woman.

News Report about Ella Baker By: Reporter Nana Mprah How had Ella change through from a child to an adult?
As a child Ella was known to be both sassy and bossy. As she was growing up she became known as an independent minded person, who followed her own thinking, had strong opinions, and a remarkable ability to express what she thought. But, Ella was a woman who was much more comfortable listening to what others had to say;…