Ella Berzins: A Short Story

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Imagine you are a 13 year old, walking into the set of many of your fantasies, about to make memories you’ll never forget. Me, Ella Berzins the 13/six year old is interested in this becoming a reality. Even as I am typing this I feel excited and nervous. I am interested in job shadowing you while you are working on a theatre-involved project. I’ve had a long road of experiences that have lead me to where I am, and you’ve been a big part of them. Meeting you would change my perspective on everything, and it would be a highlight of my life so far. Not to mention it would help further define my future career path, and I’d make sure to make it flexible, and work with your schedule.

Ever since I was very young I’ve Been interested in making people laugh. When I was six I received a Lucy Show dvd for Christmas and It introduced me to the world of Lucille Ball. My brother and I spent afternoons watching it on our tube tv (we searched for more Lucy and ended up watching every episode of I Love Lucy), until you came on as her Roommate. I was hooked. We searched for more things starring you, and I came across your
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Someday when I’m older, I would love to be an inspiration for someone who is budding into a talented entertainer, did you feel the same way? If I had the opportunity to see you it would always be a treasured memory. Job shadowing you might help me sort out what my job might actually be. Because I don’t know about you but I’ve always had trouble narrowing down my big dreams into one single job ambition. I could come closer to determining what would be my ideal career by seeing how your work, and finally becoming slightly more sure of whether that’s what I want to