Ella Houston: A Short Story

Words: 616
Pages: 3

“Congratulations on such an accomplished childhood. Now, if only, the rest of the population could follow your workmanship,” he said back with some anxiety. He hid it well. It went quiet for a moment. Freddie began chugging down the small glass of Bourbon the waiter handed him, and after he wiped his mouth with a napkin, he asked something that astounded me. “Did you ever know Ella Houston?”
“Ella Houston?” I repeated with a little panic in my breath. She should have been erased from his mind. Completely. I was starting to think these questions did involve some past memories he may have been trying to piece together which wasn’t a good sign. “No. Again. We worked in different departments. She turned out to be a dissenter if I’m not mistaken. I’m glad I
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Why was he so disappointed in my answer? “I find so much about my life on Unite as a blur. I don’t remember a single comrade I befriended.”
“Maybe you sacrificed your companionship to the Mother Country too. I would not find that shocking. You lead an excellent example to everyone in the fleet through your strenuous work schedule now.” I wanted to say his lack in popularity as a child was because he thought his comrades were idiotic zombies incapable of having any fun which was exactly what he used to tell me when we were young.
“Maybe,” Freddie said and then paused. He turned his head to the side and studied the pixel artwork of a snowy landscape on the wall. “I think my work is making me crazy,” he said without taking his stare from the artwork.
“How so?” I asked in a therapeutic tone.
“I’ve been having these dreams.” Jenna had all ready reported Freddie’s sleeping struggles, but he had refused to confide any of the actual content of the dreams. We assumed they were connected to the indoctrination training he had received in his youth, but now I wasn’t quite sure with Ella’s name suddenly materializing. “They are always taking place on Unite. But I’m interacting with people I have no memory