Ellard Herz: A Short Story

Words: 701
Pages: 3

Horror filled his eyes as he watched the human figure stab his parents, as they cried for help. Ellard Herz pounded the ground with his small feet, attempting to run away from the shadowy figure. He gasped when he felt his lung being punctured with the dagger. He bellowed until he couldn’t utter another sound, and exhausted his tears. He felt his back sticky with blood, almost accepting that these were his last moments. After a few moments, his eyes fluttered open with a delicacy of a 7 year old boy. He gazed up at another huge shadowy figure, suspended in the air by her colossal black wings. Her long ebony hair billowed down past her feet in a tangled mess. In an instant, her face transformed from a beautiful woman to a maniacally grinning skull. She advanced towards him and tried to pick him up. He screamed and tried to run as fast as he could …show more content…
“I will torture you the longer you take to make this decision. I don’t have the time for your mortal contemplation of the situation.”

Ellard sat up screaming yet again, with tears streaming down his face. His black, red, and white locks were dripping with sweat, and he was gasping for air. His best friend, Edwin Morte was crouching above him. His nightmares were coming back again, each one with more intensity. But this one had been different. The Angel of Death had talked to him in this one, and he had kept his composure. Ever since his parents died and he escaped Death’s clutches three years ago, Ellard had an enormous fear of death.
“She came again,” Ellard gasped. Edwin responded with a gentle caress to Ellard’s face.
“You’ll be okay,” Edwin whispered. “I’ll stay with you.” Ellard watched as Edwin slipped under his blankets, just like he had done all those nights that Ellard had particularly bad dreams. Ellard snuggled closer to the warm body lying next to him and fell asleep.