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Ellen Ratner's articles present a concerned look at America's future and the way we are handling now. The variety of her topics vary but in the end relate to the same question. What is Congress and our Government doing? It branched out into different directions. Ho other countries are starting to view us as lacking morals because of our spying tactics on governors around the world. Questioning if our Government will ever deal with global warming till its too late. And reviewing the shockingly appalling statistics of how little people now about our past. How little people know about our current affairs like wars and how much of it is the government truly trying to conceal. If people are not sure what the Constitution is, how are they supposed to run our country in the future?
Another relevant issue id assume Ratner might cover or would be interested in is our involvment in the Middle East. She would take a mosty socialist perspctive and question our place and involvent there in the first place.10,000,000 barrels of crude oil per day comes into the US on tankers or by pipeline and that includes oil imported from Iraq. We had said that we were stationed in Iraq and the Midlle East ro help construct a new governent but it seems that since we have been stationed there Iraquis hate us more. The country is colapsing and the streets are full of violence and poverty, much of it cause by our stationed soldiers. Being already skeptical to our legitimacy in fighting over there, Ratner on this subject would question the the “terroist killings” there. After bringing up factual evidence about the death poll, which U.S militar involvment in 2003 has neared half a million, shed prove her point of how U.S involvment is infact harmful to Iraquis. Do all American's honestly believe that we are helping or are they just illusioning themselves? Or again are we just taking for word