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RATIONALE FOR THE INTERNSHIP A student spends his whole school life mugging up the chapters, theories and lessons of different levels in different classes. They are taught to learn each and every chapter by heart, and the same is tested in the exams. This has always been the status quo for all educational institutions.
Though theoretical learning is necessary and a must for the students to learn the basics of the study processes, practical knowledge of the subject is an aspect, which must to be covered by all students in their respective fields. Such practical trainings are very important to be covered in the academic syllabus of the students to give them an in­ depth knowledge of their subjects. Many schools are adopting this new culture of practical training as a part of their school curriculum, to make their students aware of the practical side of their studies. One such educational facility is
Lincoln and that’s the primary reason that led me to it.
One of such educational courses is MBA, in which practical training is supposed to be the most crucial and important part of the course duration. Having panache for the banking industry and choosing a concentration in Finance Management and Investment Banking, I felt it was imperative to have an internship in my area of specialization to make my degree more relevant.
According to the National Center for Education and Statistics, an average 778,000 students would graduate with various masters programs in the academic year 2013/2014. With schools such as Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT and Yale out there, how do I make my resume more competitive?
Looking at the importance and the demand of the MBA internship programs, companies themselves have started internship programs for students, wherein they can directly apply during their certified duration for internship.
I originally thought writing a dissertation to defend my MBA program was the best idea. But upon careful deliberations and consultations I decided to go for the internship program.
Part of the reasons that inspired me to go for the internship is because as in intern, a student is

advised to learn most during his internship period, as that is the time when he gets spared of all mistakes. Partly because he is said to be in his learning process and the major sign to prove that a person is learning is that he makes lots of mistakes and asks lots of questions from his seniors
As an intern, a student gets the practical knowledge of the industry he is into, gets to understand and appreciate the market standards. Internship offers the student the student the biggest opportunity of

their lives, to learn the intricacies of the various subjects and choose which specialised field of his industry suits him well.
If the student is associated with large firms or companies, then the internship experience adds great value to his resume, which in future is of great help to pursue his career in the field of his choice

After I finally decided to go with the internship report for my MBA graduate program, I applied to a couple of financial institutions for an internship opportunity. To my utter amazement I had a lot more favorable responses from the companies I applied to than I originally anticipated.
After hitting a couple of interviews I finally narrowed my options to Chase Bank and Bank of America.
Chase offered to start me off as a teller first and after a while move me up to a banker position. Bank of
America offered me a Sales and Specialist position which is a hybrid position between a teller and a banker. This position accords me the privilege to learn both roles and be successful in them.
As ambitious as I am and