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Ellie, the _________ in John Marsden’s novel ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’, is a character who _______________ as the novel progresses. She is motivated and motivating, courageous, determined and introspective.

Ellie’s ___________ is what enables the group to discover the way into the ___________ known as ‘Hell’. The rest of the group would have given up but Ellie ______________. She said ‘If I wasn’t such a ____________ pig headed idiot I would have surrendered’ but she tells the others ‘I think we should give it our best shot.’ She _____________ the others to continue causing Lee to comment ‘now I understand why you’re captain of the ____________ team’.

This determination enables Ellie to _________________ even though her world has fallen apart. She finds ____________ within her which enables her to change from being an ‘ordinary rural teenager’ into ‘someone else … a force to be _____________ with.’

Ellie does not take the ______________ that she is forced to use lightly. She is _________________ and reflects on events ‘I had blood on my hands .. I didn’t feel like a criminal but I didn’t feel like a _________ either.’

John Marsden uses Ellie to ___________ his ideas and values. He gives her ______________ which he feels are important in young people. Ellie is motivated and encouraging, she thinks ____________ about the issues raised by the ______________ of Australia and what she is called upon to do.

Through Ellie, Marsden _____________ his readers to think about how they match up to Ellie and what they would do if ______________ in her situation.


This quotation shows that Ellie …
I had this intense curiosity about some kids and the more different they were… the more curious I was.


It ‘didn’t stop me making my big motivational speech…. I think we should give it our best shot’.

“Gee Ellie,” said Lee with respect now I understand why you’re captain of the netball team”.
P.20 P.25

‘I sidestepped along … looking for possibilities.’


‘If I wasn’t such a stubborn pig-headed idiot I would have surrendered by this point.’

‘I’d done a lot of camping with my parents but Outward Bound had give me a taste for something tougher’

‘I was affected by Robyn telling me … that I was bossy.’ ‘I was a bit hurt by that’.

‘This was my speciality, organising my friends’ love lives’.


‘This was (when) I started to realise what true courage was … I felt there was a spirit in me that could do this thing I made myself (make) four quick light steps … I felt then and still feel now, that I was transformed by those four steps. At that moment I stopped being an innocent rural teenager and started becoming someone else … a force to be reckoned with.’


‘my brain was operating … in great gasping bursts .. find some matches or a cigarette lighter … Quick. Very quick … the night seemed to erupt.’


‘I think about Corrie and how it must be terrible for