Ello: Crime and People Essay

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From my perspective, there are two main groups when it comes to the death penalty. On one side, there are some people who believe there are certain crimes that are so offensive that they demand the ultimate punishment. In the other side are well-meaning people who believe that it is immoral for government to ever take a life. In the middle, I believe, are others who could support the death penalty if it is narrowly applied and contains the appropriate restrictions. Capital punishment is a big issue in today’s society and I believe action should be taken against it.
Many states are abolishing the death penalty, deeming it unfair to humans as they are born with natural rights. However, I don’t think we should completely rule out the option of capital punishment. People who are sentenced to death have usually committed a horrific crime that has affected the lives of many people including the victim’s family. Some families would like to see the murderer brought to justice by spending the rest of their life in prison with no freedom and to rot to death. Others would rather have them executed just like they did to their victim.
There are 3 different types of people when it comes to capital punishment. Fair people don’t believe it is right to take the life of a human being. People who want justice would like to see the criminal immediately brought to death because they are not worth living. And there are also people who believe if more restrictions were brought upon this law, it might become a popular public policy. I believe the death penalty should be reduced to people who done the worst of the worst of crimes. Terrorists who bomb mass amounts of people, serial killers and child molesters and rapists should be the only few people selected