Ellroy: A Short Story

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First, I would like to get the important thing out of the way … the swan’s name is Ellroy.

I never envisioned myself pledging a sorority. Upon arriving at Cornell, I was completely against the idea of sororities and had promised myself I would never be the tinniest bit interested in joining one. My impressions of sororities all came from movies and revolved around the idea that sororities where amalgamous blobs of Regina Georges … something that I would want to stay far away from.

But then Baely and Emma started going to Delphi pre-pledges. They would come back raving about how amazing you guys were, how cool and funky and how you made them feel more at home at Cornell. My initial thoughts where, well… Emma is obviously a little drunk and Baley has been brain washed.
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I relented and went to Nerdfest… it was incredible. You were all funny and funky and not at all, how I had imagined you. The parties question was, “what do you nerd-out about the most?”. Everyone’s answers where so diverse, politics, Lord of the Rings, Biology, Art History, BBC shows, thing I too had become utterly obsessed with. I relented that you guy where pretty cool and fun people… until I got back to my dorm and convinced myself that it was obviously an anomaly and I had to stick with principles no matter how fun, inclusive, and wacky the group was… their was no way I was a sorority