Elsewhere Character Analysis

Words: 441
Pages: 2

The main character of the novel, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, was Liz, a fifteen year old girl who died by being hit by a taxi cab. When she dies, she starts a new life in Elsewhere, where she is aging backwards. In Elsewhere she meets her grandma, Emily, Aldous, and Owen, who she starts to fall in love with. Liz faced many challenges in the novel, but because of them, she opened up more to others. One of the problems Liz faced was dying so early in her life. Liz died when she was fifteen so there were so many things she didn’t have a chance to experience and she missed so many people that were on Earth. Before she died Liz was working on earning her driver's license. She never got her driver’s license before she died. This was hard on her