Elvis Presley's Accomplishments

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Elvis Presley was known as the king of rock and roll. Rock and roll played a huge role in the 1950's, for this reason, I chose to research more about him and his accomplishments. Elvis Presley's music took the world by storm, and he's still known as a legend in the music industry. He has been known to have influenced many other artist's music. He lived from 1935 to 1977, where he tragically passed from a believed overdose. Elvis was born in Mississippi, and grew up in a household with not much money. However, this didn't stop him from becoming successful. He had been interested in music since he was a young child, and this only increased as he grew older. For some music artists, it can take a significant amount of time before becoming successful. This wasn't the case for Presley. "Within two years, Elvis …show more content…
Rock and roll music became banned from a number of radio stations and schools. Young teenagers continued to rebel against their parents and listen to the music. However, the outlook on this shifted when Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, and the show's ratings skyrocketed.
"It is estimated that Elvis had sold more than one billion records globally." ("Elvis Presley Biography") He also received a number of Grammy nominations and won three times. Elvis Presley continues to shine as a rock and roll star, even decades after his passing. He was the first successful artist within rock and roll music, and continues to be known for the impact he made in the music industry. It's likely that he and his music will always be around.
Since Presley rose as a rock and roll star, many have followed his lead. However, he really set the expectation for what rock and roll music should be. Without his presence in the music industry, rock and roll music may not be the same today. Presley also had a daughter, who went on to follow in her father's footsteps and become a music artist as