Email And Text Messaging Use Policy

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To: Greystar Employees
From: Ali MRTEWSWDA, Stoneridge Apartments Assistant Manager
Date: 08/14/2014 8:28:08 AM EST
Subject: Email and Text Messaging Use Policy

Good morning all,
Greystar has recognized that the inappropriate use of email and text messaging can lead to serious employment issues as well as information security exposures. Moreover, it may disgrace the company’s public image. This policy was developed to provide all Greystar employees with clear rules to ensure the appropriate use of email and text messaging. The proper use of email and text messaging reflects the potency of one’s behavior along with their character. We expect our employees to exercise good discernment and to exploit technology with integrity.
Greystar Management email systems may not be use for any unlawful activities, offensive or harassing messages, commercial purposes without Greystar’s consent, personal fiscal gain, and personal non-business uses such as jokes, pictures, videos, personal invitations, etc.
Users of Greystar email and text messaging systems may not:
 Create or forward any disruptive messages including abusive or harassing language, pornography, discrimination against gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, religious or political beliefs
 Create or distribute counterfeit email messages
 Distribute company emails or text messages to other external addresses
Greystar Management email systems must be used for business purposes. Judicious personal use is acceptable as long as it does not generate any legal risks, interfere with one’s productivity, compromise any inappropriate behavior at workplace, or obstruct any business activities.
Greystar employees should not have expectation of privacy in