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Emancipation Day – Wayne Grady

The novel, Emancipation Day, by Wayne Grady, is useful and recommended to Canadian readers as it highlights the negative effects of racism. The novel explains how Canadians have evolved around the issues of racism and demonstrates how we are in a different and better world now though we still have room for improvement

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Steven Langdon's review shows trustworthy thoughts on issues regarding racism and how it has decreased yet not completely to an extent, where you can say it has completely vanished. Langdon’s review on the author shows that Wayne Grady is an outstanding author and demonstrates understanding of racism in his writing. Langdon’s opinion and thoughts are valid and does not show bias as he shares both sides of the story. The review does a pleasing job showing Canada’s reflection on beliefs and values after World War 2. Langdon points in the text show that Wayne Grady is a convincing and interesting author. This book is recommended to other people because it highlights the negatives of racisms and how Canada has evolved around the issue. The readers will find the book useful and satisfying.

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Shirley Schwartz's recommends people to read this book because it shows relationships between different races and how we have a long way still to achieve true equity in this country. This book was recommended to Schwartz and she now encourages others to read it as it states facts about the issues and reflects on Canada’s beliefs and values regarding racisms and World War 2. Shirley Schwartz review on the book is not bias as she talks about the negatives and positives in the book. Her thoughts are accurate as the show honest opinions and want others to read the novel. The book Emancipation Day made the 2013 Giller prize and was nominated a Global and Mail Best book, therefore this book should be recommends to others as it reflects on Canada’s values and highlights the negatives revolving racisms.

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Charles’s review on the book Emancipation Day shows how being a different race or color has a social effect on others. This novel shows how ones weakness can lead himself and his place within society and the acceptance of his heritage. Charles review does not show bias as she states the negatives of racisms and how it can change a person’s life. The book does a great job showing how Canada has evolved around racisms and how it states Canada’s values and beliefs. This book is recommended to others because it shows segregation and discrimination during World War 2 and how Canada has evolved around, it yet there is still room for improvement. Charles’s review and the book Emancipation Day reflect on how people were discriminated due to their race and how it expresses Canada’s values and beliefs.

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Denise Balkissoon review on the book shows how issue regarding racism has an