Emancipation Proclamation and Readings Method Essay

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English Final Essay One way of understanding a claim made by an author is rereading it more than once, in the essay I’m writing today I’m going to discuss what happens when someone reads or looks at something 3 times. The way I learned about the emancipation proclamation in english class is using the “three readings method.” The sources i used were “A man reads the Emancipation Proclamation” and the actual piece of writing. In the painting “A man reads the Emancipation Proclamation” there is a black man in what looks to be a barn reading the Emancipation Proclamation. He has a look of disbelief upon his face as if what he reading he does not believe to be true. I looked at the painting three times at first and each time something new popped up in the painting. I first had believed that the man in the painting was angry only to find out that he wouldn’t have been mad knowing now that he or someone he knew wouldn’t be enslaved any longer. In the actual piece of writing the Emancipation Proclamation. Abraham Lincoln outlines his reasons for freeing the enslaved people in the rebelling states. He claims it’s more a moral thing then a political thing. Although he mainly gives moral reasons he still called it a moral duty as compared to a political one. The way I informed myself on this piece of writing was using the three readings method. Each time i read it something else would keep popping up and I’d figure something else out about it. The way I was first introduced to the three readings method was with the painting titled “Bodega” it is a funny painting because at first look it looks like a little shopping area. At second glance things start to pop out such as the dog bones on the roof or the cracker as a