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E-Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive summary
This short report provides informations on the structure, background and the target market of a specific organisation and displays the marketing techniques that have been used to design and create the website in order to attract the international tourists.

2.0 Situation Analysis
The Organisation that has been chosen is a hotel, located in Sousse, Tunisia. The website aims to use the marketing mix, and in particular the 4P’s marketing strategy- originally proposed by Jerome Mccarthy (1960) –Digital Marketing, D. Chaffey, Fiona-Ellis-chadwick, p258). The target market is especially concantrated on the families. The website has been designed to appeal any leisure tourist, but also providing some extras to families to attract them, therefore gaining more profit with the wide range of target market. The hotel has been built in a tunisian traditional style in 1980. The old historical feel and look of the building provides the visitors to experience the real traditional life ,in an old traditonal town, therefore provides a unique experience. The hotel is taking advantage of its wide range of facilities, mostly based on the families requirements and making sure the audiance is aware of it. The current market is somewhat depressed, due to the economic downturn and restrictions being made on corporate travel. The hotel Marhaba must continue to focus on delivering an exemplary business service, at affordable rates, in order to develop the customer relationship. The room rates have been cut dramatically in order to attract more costumers over the next 10-12 month period. The Marhaba Hotel offers value and benefits to their clients, over and above the standard of our facilities and affordable rates.

3.0 Objectives
The primarly aim of the website is to convey the traditional atmosphere of the hotel, without the tourist having to visit it and providing a detailed informations regarding the available facilities and the surranding area, and to use emarketing as the main tool to obtain large number of visitors and gain many more international clients. The website aims to reach as many visitors as possible. As the website aims to attract international visitors, there will be an options added to choose different language. An online booking options will be also considered to maximize the sales. It will be possible to book online or offline, using email or phone. The hotel is intends to open a unique shop for their product, where the tourist can purchase tunisian branded products and take away them as a memory. We also have a plan to make our new spa and gym facilities into our services. The organisation is advertising themself widely around the world and promoting unique experience and value for money, furthermore the hotel is connected with various travel agency, therefore having more opportunity to attract as many visitors as possible.

4.0 Action
The website has been designed in a holiday beachy minimalist style to keep it simple as a traditional hotel, but also represent the holiday experience what the tourist could enjoy, if visits the Marhaba hotel. The added pictures clearly shows the good atmosphere within the building and it may suggest a warm and welcoming environment to the tourist to make them feel comfortable steping in. The white colour represents the traditional tunisian style mixed with the colour blue, Furthermore the blue colour is also gives the imagination of the sea.
The marketing mix can clearly be seen within the design of the website. On every page there are some added photos regarding the product, and this allows to the tourist to physically see the hotel and its facilities. Communication channels are very important in terms of the hotel sales success. By using the