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Embalming Mr. Jones Meaning
1. The purpose of the embalming and restoration of corpse in the United States and

Canada is to make the corpse look presentable for viewing. This process helps the

grieving see the corpse in a manner of what they used to look like or normality. You

could say it is a way of using restorative art on a corpse. Purpose and Audience 2. The chief assumption about Mitford’s readers on the subject embalming would be the readers do not know what goes on during the embalming process. There are many steps to this procedure. Those steps include injecting, cutting, scrapping, sewing, drilling, patching, filling, painting, and various other steps that will occur during embalming.

Method and Structure

2. Mitford did explain the process of embalming and restoration. I found the

explanation she gave broke it down to where I could visually see it, which led to me

understanding the process. I also believe she did not use the medical terms that could

confuse the average person who knows nothing about the process of embalming and

restoration. The main steps in conducting the embalming and restoration process begin

with laying the body out in the morgue. The removal of blood is the second step. The

embalming fluid is pumped through the arteries of the body. The third step is taking a

trocar and inserting into the abdomen and withdrawing the fluid. Those fluids are

replaced with cavity fluid. The next step would be the restoration process. This step

consists of taking a hypodermic syringe that is loaded with massage cream and fills the

hollowed and sunken areas by injection. The application of masking paste and cosmetics

will be used to take away blemishes or discoloration. The corpse will be shaved, washed,

and dressed for the viewing pleasure of his guest.

The Way to Rainy Mountain

2. The key point in the statement, “She made long rambling prayers out of suffering

and hope, having seen many things,” means to me she had a hard life and she witnessed

many things good and bad in her life. She never forgot about her prayer and always

hoped for the best. She did this through prayer. The concept of prayer and the connection

to the essay is when you have prayer it can help you bring hope and calmness in your


Purpose and Audience

1. The purpose of Momaday’s writing about his grandmother was to tell the world

never to forget their loved ones. You should cherish the unique times you recall you have

with them. I think the purpose of the writing also tried to explain to others to look at the

path of life your loved one traveled. The ups and downs that person faced throughout

their life. The ancestry of your loved one is unique. You should try to remember where

they came from and know the history of your family. It will make you appreciate them

even more when they are gone.

Method and Structure

3. The purpose of the comparison in paragraphs 12 – 14 is to look at the comparison

between Momaday’s early life as a child and older life as an adult. He recalls his younger

years being vibrant and excitement. He also compares how big things looked when he

was a young child as to him being older and it all seems to be much smaller. The

comparison of how the families performed certain traditions but as time went on the

traditions were no longer conducted.

Champion of the World


2. In paragraphs 16 and 17 the statements should not be taken lightly. The actions of

lynching, raping of a…