Embascy Trust Suite For Your Complete Security Solution

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EMBASSY® Trust Suite for Acer™
Your Complete Security Solution
The Wave EMBASSY® Trust Suite for Acer™ boosts PC security through advanced security software and a built-in security chip, called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The benefits range from stronger authentication to Windows and applications and stronger protection for data and passwords. The suite’s extensive security features enable organizations and individuals to quickly and cost-effectively enhance PC security with the following key components.

Key Components of the EMBASSY Trust Suite
Security Management Manage security policies and user security settings with a consolidated, one-stop security center. Security wizards assist the user with first time setup, multi-step tasks, and adding TPM security to common applications. Strong Authentication Strengthen authentication to Windows, Virtual Private Networks, wireless networks, and secure applications through multi-factor authentication with options for combining passwords, TPM certificates, smart cards, and fingerprints. Data Protection Access a secure virtual drive from any program to encrypt sensitive files and folders. The secure virtual drive is referenced by a unique drive letter, is not limited in size and uses hardware-based encryption via the TPM. Password Management Take advantage of speedy access to secure websites and applications with automated features for saving and supplying passwords. Passwords are safeguarded by hardware in TPMsecured storage.

Key Features
Multi-factor Authentication (Passwords, Fingerprints) Secure Drive for Data Protection Advanced Security Wizards Automated, Secure Password Management Public Key Infrastructure Support (Smart Card and TPM Cryptographic Services) Key Backup and Recovery Managed Security Policies Fingerprint Roaming** Remote Management of TPM Systems** 23 Secure Virtual Drives Centralized Key Backup/Recovery/Escrow** Multi-factor Authentication (Smart Cards, TPMs) Trusted Drive Manager (Support for Seagate Momentus FDE Drives) Remote Management of FDE Drives**

ETS Preinstalled on Select Acer Systems*

EMBASSY Trust Suite Enterprise Edition

EMBASSY Remote Administration Server

EMBASSY Key Management Server

EMBASSY Authentication Server

*See page 2 for preinstallation details.

** Requires Server

Wave EMBASSY® Trust Suite for Acer™
Key Benefits

The EMBASSY Trust Suite for Acer is a suite of useful and practical applications to increase PC and network security while lowering risk and operational costs. Lower Risk The EMBASSY Trust Suite for Acer significantly lowers the risk of data and identity theft whether the PC is in use and is a target of malicious software or if it is lost or stolen. Beyond data stored on the PC, hardware-based digital certificates enable stronger protection for networks and e-mail. Increased Productivity Improving user productivity while improving security is a key competitive advantage of the EMBASSY Trust Suite for Acer. Automated features and a large selection of user options allow systems to be configured for both security and productivity. Lower Cost of Ownership The EMBASSY Trust Suite for Acer utilizes the integrated TPM security chip and other built-in hardware to deliver a highly costeffective security solution. Avoiding a single security breach can often justify the cost of deploying an enterprise-wide security system.

EMBASSY Trust Suite for Acer is preinstalled on the following models: • Acer Veriton M670G, Vertion M670, Vertion S670G, Veriton S670, Veriton L670G

EMBASSY Security Center
Easy-to-Use With an intuitive user interface and step-by-step instructions, the user has an easier, more secure environment free from the hassle of multiple, insecure passwords and the risk of sensitive data being compromised. Industry-Standard Security Industry-standard