Essay on Embedded Assessment 1

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Samantha DeHart
October 26th, 2014
Embedded Assessment 1

This image is titled “Staying Strong 365 days a year” because it is a picture of a book cover, which is what the book is titled. Demi Lovato chose to call her book this because it is about how to stay strong and there’s an entry for everyday. I chose to take a picture of this cover because my drawing skills are terrible, and a photograph is the only medium that will be able to get the complete meaning and symbolization of this image. A first glance at this image and one will see a picture of Demi Lovato, birds, and some words. There’s nothing to really see and this comes off as just a simple image. Compared to just seeing those details, if someone to were analyze this image they would see how Demi is faded into the background, with the birds being the main object of attention. Another thing someone may notice is that Demi Lovato’s facial expression, how strength is written into her look so deeply. The details in this image leave so much meaning behind them. Everything on this cover is symbolic in some way. The fact that Demi is fading into the backdrop with such a determined look on her face represents her holding in everything she’s been through in for such a long time. The birds flying upward connects to her being in the back, because they represent her opening up more to her fans, herself, and finally being free of such an emotional burden. Her facial expression is probably the most intense detail in the entire image. Her eyes show so much of her past and her pain and her facial expression, as a whole, tells how she is ready to move forward. The greater context of this image is just about letting go, moving on, and staying strong. I believe that this image represents me. Demi Lovato has gave me so much hope and inspiration that I couldn’t have gone on without. This image not only represents me and everything I’ve