Essay about Embedded System for Milk Analyzer and Billing

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Embedded System for Milk Analyzer and Billing
Chapter 1:

While we were in search of problems In the society, with keeping in mind that engineering is a technical solution of a any problem, we decide to look at common man‘s problem. At the same time in month of june11, Milk adulteration problem was on the top of media, so we thought why not explore this problem.
The Dairy industry in India is generally co-operative .The primary milk provided to the dairy are farmers who do not process their milk and give it in the raw form to the co-operative dairy. Since more no. of farmers are depositing their milk in the dairy, it is a daily task of the dairy to assess the quality of
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Global Challenges for the Indian Dairy Industry
The Indian dairy industry faces challenges from the international dairy market.
Chief among these challenges is that India, as a signatory to the World Trade
Organization (WTO), is obligated to open its milk and milk products markets to international dairy companies. Because the Indian dairy industry is characterized by relatively high costs in milk production, processing, and marketing, and relatively poor quality of milk due to unhygienic handling, this could potentially pose a significant threat to the industry and its farmers. In 1999, India imported 10,000 metric tons of milk powder, primarily from Australia, the European Union, and the United States. In 2000, the industry was threatened by the arrival of low-cost fresh milk from New Zealand. The imposition of a heavy import tax on milk in 2001 has given the domestic dairy industry some breathing space. However, the respite is temporary, as the tax is slated to be abolished before the year 2006, as per the WTO agreement.8The cost of milk production in India is high in part because the average annual yield of Indian dairy cows is low— only 987 kilograms (kg) of milk, as compared to 6,273 kg in Denmark, 5,289 kg in

Embedded System for Milk Analyzer and Billing
France, 5,462 kg in the United Kingdom, 5,938 kg in Canada, 7,038 kg in the US, and
11,000 kg in Israel. An Indian