What Is Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

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Janie Ivory
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April 3, 2015
Embryonic Cell Research
Embryonic stem cell research, the study of master cells, is fundamental to advancements in the study of cells but is often religiously and morally contradicted. Such research has potential to uncover cures to diseases, as well as minor medical remedies and advances. On the other hand, the use of embryos in this research disobeys many religions and is considerably immoral.
Stem cell research is a new advancement in the study of the life and development of cells. Scientist are extracting, growing, and trying to recreate stem cells from embryos taken from human egg fertilization. Particularly, they are using these cells to study how they recreate, change, and develop. These studies have led to advancements in cures and understanding of diseases such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Already, the study of stem cells has created a transplant treatment for major burn victims. Through the extraction of one skin stem cell, scientists are able to produce enough skin cells to cover the whole body, which is a major breakthrough in burn treatment.
According many religions, the idea of embryonic stem cell research is relatively negatively regarded. The Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches believe that any embryo is human from conception, and has all rights to its own life. Therefore, the extraction of these cells or alteration of the embryo in any for or fashion, is strictly prohibited and a violation of that right. Peoples of these religions believe that life is valuable at all stages, and alteration of these stages is immoral and not feasible.
When pursuing stem cell research and the extraction of stem cells embryos, you run the risk of committing an immoral act. The embryo has moral status as a human being starting from fertilization. Therefore, taking embryonic stem cells from an embryo prevents it from developing in a normal way, altering it from becoming a human. Essentially, taking a potential human life. Any alteration or potential killing of a human life is justifiably and one hundred percent immoral.
In final consideration, stem cell research is a topic that is commonly argued. Although the study advanced scientific