Essay on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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As a voting citizen in Mississippi, Amendment 28 forced me to answer for myself "when does life begin". Facebook blew up with the personal opinions of my family and friends. Picketers stood on the corner outside of my state office building. There was tension in our church because a interim pastor voiced his opposition to the Amendment. Supporters of the Amendment said life begins at conception. Many of the opponents, whether they believed life began at conception, felt that the medical use of embryos was too significant too vote for the amendment. When I was a teenager I was in a major car accident and I suffered from severe 3rd degree burns. Now opponents of embryonic stem cell research, would my parents have refused embryonic stem cells if they had been the only option? As a mother myself, I think it would probably be a very difficult decision for any parent or loved one regardless of your views on the issue. I spoke with friends who had been through invitrofertilization (IVF). I had a friend that I supported during an abortion. I had to really dig deep before I voted. I wanted to make sure I had the biblical and medical information that I needed to make a decision. Thus, my research began.

Why don't we just use adult stem cells, I wondered. I found that the adult stem cells are simply fewer and more difficult to work with. So for me, the medical evidence for the use of embryonic stem cells was undeniable. Though, as I researched I found that there were