Embryonic Stem Cells Essay

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Embryonic Stem Cells:
The Ethical Question


What You Need to Know
● Embryonic stem cells are used in an attempt to advance the technology of organ transplantation

● Acquired from human embryos and fetuses after abortions ● Can derive into 220 different cell types of the human body (“Embryonic Stem Cells”)

● Said to be the foundation of human cloning in the near future Pros
● Could help humans treat various diseases like
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes (“Stem Cell

● Can help to regenerate or “replace damaged organs”
(“Stem cell Research”)

● Capable of initiating the widely anticipate age of human cloning ● Has the ability to create any kind of cell in the human body Cons
● Requires unborn human embryos for research
● Could lead to a “dark” future with the co- modification of human life in which clones are brought to life for the purpose of being slaughtered and harvested for organs (“The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning”)

● Research can take away the “gifts” of unborn fetuses from the world when it grows up (“Abortion”)

● Clones threaten Individuality (“The Ethics of Embryonic
Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning”) and variation

The Claim
Given the Pros and Cons, it seems that is inhumane to consider allowing the research of embryonic stem cells.
Arrived at his conclusion because it seems that human lives should never be sacrifice in the name of science.
Thus it is unethical to experiment and research…