Essay on Emc 2 : Delivering Customer Centricity— Case Study

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Founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino, college classmates, EMC Corporation started fueling into the emerging industry of data storage. EMC promised its customers a new kind of relationship where they would ultimately be the center of their mission, and being able to deliver results with outstanding quality was their main priority. Adding stepObyOstep a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices, became the company’s drive for business, while keeping in mind the importance of listening to the voice of their customers at all times. With strengths and weakness to work upon, EMC has been able to innovate and compete in the industry; integrating
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EMC’s products and services reach a very broad audience, from Large Scale Enterprises (LSE’s) all the way down to the individual consumer. Key personnel in the firm’s organizational structure are highly involved in the current situation because it is affecting different aspects and levels of the corporation; Mike Ruettgers (President & CEO, 1992O2001), Frank Hauck (Executive VP of Global Marketing and Customer Service), William “BJ” Jenkins (VP of Global Marketing), Walters Reitz (VP of Customer Service Marketing), Leo Colborne (VP of Global Customer Support), Len Devanna (Director of Web Strategy), Susan Shapiro (Senior Marketing Manager), and current President and CEO Joseph M. Tucci.

Since the introductory stage of EMC, founders Richard Egan and Roger Marino strived to form a company that did not focus internally on its products, but rather place customers at the center of their entire organization regardless of the size of their individual monetary contribution; with worldOclass high touch service. This desire to provide such highO touch customer service lead EMC to approach all customers in a “one size fits all” manner, which has eventually proven not to meet customer expectations. Due to the complexity of EMC’s customer base and product line, the highO touch service that was primarily