Emeril Lagasse Essay

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BY Christopher Kelly

• Born October 15, 1959
• Fall River, Massachusetts
• As a teenager he worked at a Portuguese bakery
• During his time in high school he attended a culinary arts program
• HE also played the drums and was offered a full ride to a music school

• He had discovered the talent of being a really good drummer in high school.
• Played at school events and was the led in the drum squad.
• he turned down the full ride scholarship and deicide to purse the career of a chef • He went to Johnson and Wales University in rode island

• He had taken a job at a local restaurant during the time he spent at Johnson and wales.
• There he met his future wife, who was also going to Johnson and wales. The name of his future wife was Elizabeth Kief.
• They got married in October of 1978
• Once they married he flew off to London to polish off his skills.
• When he came back he work in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, all of these restaurants were fine dining.

• 1982 they moved to new Orleans, there he got a job as exc. chef and was there for seven and half years.
• At this time he had two daughters named Jessica and Jillian
• 1986 he got divorced from Elizabeth Kief, the long hours of the position had but a stress on the marriage.
• 1989 he met Tari Hohn, who was a fashion designer, and he got remarried. Then in 1996 they got divorced.
• In 2000, he met Alden Lovelace, who was a real estate broker.