Essay about Emiliano Zapata: A Mexican Revolution Hero

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Emiliano Zapata:
A Mexican Revolution Hero

Felix Esquivel
10th Grade

I decided to research Emiliano Zapata. I decided to write about him because I am familiar about what he had done and I have a basic knowledge of him. First, I choose The Mexican Civil
Rights, more formally known as The Mexican Revolution. Zapata had contributed to the revolution in many ways but his most famous reasons were by reclaiming the Indians land, fight alongside Pancho Villa, and recruiting peasants; This launched Mexico in a new era of hope.

I started my research by watching movies about him, reading biographies, and watching

interviews. I had gone to library websites to find books about Zapata, or any information really.
My second best source was a book called “The Posthumous Career of Emiliano Zapata.” I also found useful documents he had signed. All that was found in the library website that turned out to be quite useful.

I started watching videos and movies about how he regained land, recruited. Zapatistas,

and fought in the war. I watched interview from him, his son, and his grandson; all those interviews were great. Best primary source was “El Plan De Ayala.” I also found interviews of the authors on Zapata’s book. Those interviews went a little more in depth of Zapata’s life than
Zapata Himself, but overall they both gave the same information.

The research I had done was balanced from regaining the Indians to the actual War. Since

my project is based on the regain of the land mostly, I’ll talk about that side of the balance. I had watched Zapata’s interviews online, where he stated this following quote: “yo peleo por tres cosas” (I fight for three things). Those three things were to free Mexico from any foreigners, weather they were Spaniards or Americans, to give the Indians back their land, and to give
Mexico a better government with an honest, loyal and independent